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​Our Instructors

We are a group of experienced international certified yoga instructor. We aim to bring adventures, graceful, joyfulness, happiness, stillness and self-consciousness to everyone through yoga practices.

Niki Chan - Course Leader

E-RYT® 500, YACEP®

Niki’s yoga journey was started in 2009, at the very beginning, she thought yoga as a “sweating” physical fitness exercise and she only concerned about having a good-looking body-shape via yoga practicing. Several months later, she found that apart from a satisfied body-shape, health also been improved, and some of the bad habits in life had also been changed into positive dramatically. She was then craved to know more about YOGA.


Inspired by Yoga Master Chris Su, Niki recognized that yoga is not just about focusing on the challenges of asana, but more focusing on the mindfulness and consciousness of body, mind and soul; by practicing insight yoga, she understands, accepts and respects her own (as well as everyone’s) imperfection and limitations because we are all unique. Niki is more than happy to share what she has learnt to all her students. And she hopes to bring happiness and calmness to more people through Yoga. Niki wishes you healthy and peaceful always. 

Niki Chan Holds :


Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 hrs registered Advanced yoga instructor

YACEP - Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider for Yoga Teachers​

​Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200 hrs registered yoga instructor

(Hatha Yoga / Mindfulness Yin Yoga / Insight Flow Yoga)

Yoga Alliance RPYS 85 hrs Prenatal & Pregnancy Yoga Teacher

Certificated 85 hrs Yoga Therapy Teacher

Singing bowl sound therapy (Level 1 & 2)

Bachelor of Arts (Business Management) by The Northumbria University UK

sincere yoga hk niki chan
觀塘瑜伽 | 觀塘空中瑜伽 | Sincere Yoga HK 善瑜伽
觀塘瑜伽 | 觀塘空中瑜伽 | Sincere Yoga HK 善瑜伽
觀塘瑜伽 | 觀塘空中瑜伽 | Sincere Yoga HK 善瑜伽
觀塘瑜伽 | 觀塘空中瑜伽 | Sincere Yoga HK 善瑜伽
觀塘瑜伽 | 觀塘空中瑜伽 | Sincere Yoga HK 善瑜伽
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